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  • Gin and Tonic Two Wick Candle


    The Two Wick Jar Candles comes in a beautiful dove grey cotton bag. These two wick candles burn for around 40 hours, some burn for a good 5-10 hours more and all come with a Candle Care Card, which explains how to get the very best from your candle.

    Once your candle is all finished, simply wash out with soapy water, peel the label from the front and you can re-use your dual wick jar. They make wonderful herb jars for the kitchen, little planters for the garden and look fabulous on a dressing table full of makeup brushes…to name but a few of their many uses.

    The Candle Care Card, as listed above will explain how to get the best performance from your candle.

    All of our double or single wick candles are made from a specially blended wax, this offers a clean burn and a very good hot and cold throw of fragrance. As with the Room Diffusers, your candles come with a Candle Care Card, which does explain how to get the very best from your candle. This does include extinguishing your candle in the correct way and making sure the wicks are trimmed following each burn.

    If you look after your candle correctly, then you will notice the difference in the performance.